IBM SPSS Statistics


 Analytics plays an increasingly important role in helping your organization achieve its objectives. The IBM SPSS Statistics family delivers the core capabilities needed for end-to-end analytics. By applying predictive analytics solutions to data you already have, your organization can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions. This means you can prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful products more
efficiently, or identify and minimize fraud and risk.


  • Get support through every step of the analytical process.
  • Carry out essential analyses from an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Select from more than a dozen integrated products to make specialized analyses faster and easier.
  • Add power when you need it, and connect data to decision-making through other IBM business analytics software.

Access and analyze massive datasets quickly
SPSS Statistics makes it easy for you to quickly access, manage and analyze any kind of dataset, including survey data, corporate databases or data downloaded from the web.
In addition, the software can process Unicode data. This eliminates variability in data due to language-specific encoding and enables your organization to view, analyze and share data written in multiple languages.


SPSS Statistics suites consist of 16 modules and can buy separately or in a bundle.

IBM SPSS Statistics Bundle :

IBM SPSS Bundle Standard
Consist of 4 modules
• IBM SPSS Statistics Base
• IBM SPSS Regression
• IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
• IBM SPSS Custom Tables


IBM SPSS Bundle Professional (only for non academic institution)
Consist of 9 modules
• IBM SPSS Statistics Base
• IBM SPSS Regression
• IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
• IBM SPSS Categories
• IBM SPSS Missing Values
• IBM SPSS Custom Tables
• IBM SPSS Decision Trees
• IBM SPSS Data Preparation
• IBM SPSS Forecasting


IBM SPSS Premium
Consist of SPSS Family complete modules

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You can download trial version from here ( need registration )


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