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Upgrade Software


Upgrade Term : Customers can upgrade their SPSS older version (up to 3 version earlier). Upgrading from version 20 or earlier will require purchasing a new version of SPSS Statistics . Upgrading costs 60% of the current initial purchasing price. The … Continue reading

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Buku : Pengantar Ilmu Penggalian Data Bisnis

Pengantar Ilmu Penggalian Data Bisnis (Introduction to Business Data Mining) Penulis : David Olson & Yong Shi Penerjemah : Chriswan Sungkono Editor : Tim SPSS Indonesia Penerbit : Penerbit Salemba Empat – th.2008 334 hal., 21 x 26 cm Edisi … Continue reading

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SPSS Statistics Modules

Below description below is features of each SPSS Module IBM SPSS Statistics Base Descriptive statistic, correlation, non-parametric test, reliability analysis, univariate analysis (t-test, one-way ANOVA, etc) & multivariate analysis (cluster, discriminant, factor analysis, linear regression), control charts, ESRI map files. IBM … Continue reading

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